filmmaker.weekly Issue #5

August 6th, 2017 – Rik Roukens

Welcome to filmmaker.weekly issue #5 for Sunday, August 6, 2017.

When I watched the “who needs sleep” documentery a couple days ago, I knew I had to share it. Made by the late Haskell Wexler, ASC. It is on the subject of long working hours in the movie industry, which effects all of us. Check it out in the Great to watch section. I highly recommend it.

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Big Blackmagic Design Fusion 9 Update

Blackmagic Design has released a big update to its VFX software fusion, including a full VR 360 toolset. Another major win for filmmakers like us is that they have dropped the price from being close to $1000,- to a mere $299,-. Great news!

RED Raven comes exclusively to Apple store

In a strange turn of events REDs Jarred announced that from this moment forward the RED RAVEN, REDs entry level camera can only be bought through at the Apple Store. On sale for $15000,- with EF lens and Final Cut Pro X. Jarred said this was an investment in apple to get them to take their next Mac Pro and the creative professionals serious.

Red Giant updates Trapcode Suite 14

RedGiant, has released version 14 of it’s well known Trapcode suite, which includes After Effects favorite Trapcode Particular 3, which now features GPU acceleration, a visual particle builder, Organic 3d particle effects and much more.

Good Reads & Great to Watch

Behind the Spectacular Sound of Dunkirk has a great interview online with Oscar winning supervising sound editor Richard King, it gives great insight how they recorded certain sounds and overall really makes you realize that sound is so vital for a movie and that great video’s or movies are so reliant on sound design. It’s one of the things many young new filmmakers often forget.

video by Eric Potter showing experimenting with Stuka Siren sound recording.

Game of Thrones Season 6 VFX Breakdown

One from a while ago, A season 6 Game of Thrones VFX breakdown by Rodeo FX, it’s always amazing to see the heavy VFX scenes, although I also love the subtle VFX background painting that happens.

Interview with Director Abraham Joffe on “Ghosts of the Arctic” interviews Abraham Joffe, Director of “Ghosts of the Arctic”, a recent Vimeo staff pick that has been incredibly hard to shoot. Often braving -30c, 17 hour days and failing equipment, this really is a video that was made through persistence and willpower. The interview gives great insights into the process.

On the set of Ghosts of the Arctic

“Who Needs Sleep?” by Haskell Wexler ASC

A Fantastic documentary by the late Haskell Wexler ASC on a subject most filmmakers will get to deal with more often than not. The incredibly long working hours that come with the movie business. This documentary shows the fight of trying to get 12 on, 12 off to be the standard in Hollywood, which even with multiple deaths to this day, is still not the standard.

What is a Best Boy?

Arguably the most childish name in filmmaker history the ‘Best Boy” actually has a very important role, Martijn Veltman, a Gaffer and set Electrician explains.

Five SIGGRAPH Trends Changing the Way We Make Media

Last week was SIGGRAPH Week, a time of the year where multiple industries (including architectural design, medical and scientific visualization, and VFX and filmmaking) come together in one place to consider the Present, and Future trajectory of computer graphics. Studiodaily gives us an insight into some trends that will effect filmmakers.


Ghosts of the Arctic

Ghosts of the Arctic is a 6-minute short video that recently made the Vimeo staff picks. Following Abraham Joffe, an Arctic photographer, who, also directed this video. It features incredible shots and was unbelievably hard to make. See our good reads section for an interview with him on the process.

Guides & Tutorials

How to create handheld camera shake in After Effects

Tutvids first ever After Effects tutorial by Nathaniel Dodson it’s a quick 5 minute on how to add camera shake making it look like your tripod shot was handheld. It’s pretty simple but nice for beginners that don’t know much about After Effects and want to get their feet wet.

Complete Color Grading Tutorial: Cinematic Film Look

Jordy vandeput of takes you through a complete Color Grading tutorial, including Color Theory, getting the film look, how to use v-Log and more.

Learn How to Creating a Glitch Effect Without any Plugins in 2 Minutes

A super quick 2 minute Tuesday by Peter McKinnon on how to create a sweet and dead easy glitch effect on your footage!

Matching Camera’s in Color Grading

TravelFeels shows us how to match different camera’s together in Adobe Premiere using Lumetri.

12 Steps To Make After Effects Faster gives us 12 handy tips to speed up our After Effects. From managing RAM to choosing the appropriate bit depth, it’s all in there.

Gear & Tech

DJI Spark receives update

The small DJI Spark has received a new firmware upgrade that includes enhanced gesture control and better photo quality, making it a must for all DJI Spark owners!

Panasonic AU-EVA1 Specifications Released

The eagerly awaited full specs on the Panasonic AU-EVA1 (what a name!) have finally been released, while we know this camera was coming for a while, it’s great to see the final specs.


Play and Like Morph Motion Graphic

A sweet little play and like morph graphic by dribbble user Tim Constantinov.

Morphing Countdown Timer

A Morphing countdown timer by dribbble user Alex Pronsky.

Free Split Screens Exclusive to Final Cut Pro X

Some cool split screen effects by premiumvfx which are exclusive to FCPX users.

14 Free Premiere Pro Lumetri Looks

14 Premiere Pro looks that mimic the great Hollywood colors!

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