filmmaker.weekly Issue #4

July 30th, 2017 – Rik Roukens

Welcome to filmmaker.weekly issue #4 for Sunday, July 30th, 2017.

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Røde updates Røde Video Mic Pro

Røde has announced its newly updated Video Mic Pro, with handy features such as dual high pass filters and auto power function. It will be available for $299 in August.

Good Reads & Great to Watch

Has DJI Abandoned Professionals?

DPreview argues that DJI has abandoned professional filmmaker.

Post Perspective Reviews Mocha VR

Post Perspective reviews Mocha VR, the highly popular tracking software/plugin is also available for VR tracking. I must say it looks really good!

Lensing for Character Perspective

@travratc takes us through specific examples of how lensing can be used to create a subjective perspective in his video essay.

The Power Of Sound: Using the Shepard Tone

image via vox

Premiumbeat & dive into the phenomenon called the “Shepard Tone” and how it is used in filmmaking to create never-ending building tension.

Coloring GLOW in HDR

We’ve mentioned GLOW in the newsletter before (I love the series, ha) but this one is very intriguing.


AWAKEN Trailer

Producer Terrence Malick and cinematographer-turned-director Tom Lowe promises to bring “unseen sights and breathtaking perspectives to the human eye for the first time,” according to the official synopsis for Awaken.

AWAKEN Behind the Scenes © Tom Wolfe

Bonobo- No Reason (ft. Nick Murphy)

This music video looks like it’s shot with a lot of VFX, yet zero VFX has been used in the making! Check out the behind the scenes too!

Devin Supertramp – Skate Parkour in San Francisco

Devin Supertramp shows off his glide cam skills once again in this skate parkour video. Check out the behind the scenes.

Guides & Tutorials

Create a Spiderman Inspired HUB in After Effects

This tutorial functions both as a tutorial and a freebie as all of the assets to create the hub are given by RocketStock for free! Even if you don’t like the effect, it’s great to learn about tracking and other stuff. spiderman like HUD

Filming Action Sports – 8 Tips for Better Shooting

Jakub Han takes us through his 8 vital tips for shooting Action Sports better, from keeping your gear light to making stuff dynamic.

Start stitching 360 video with Autopan Pro

Another tutorial by RocketStock giving you a rundown of what it takes to start stitching 360 video and how easy it really can be.

Hole in the Hand – After Effects & Mocha Tutorial

Easy and fast way to make a hole in your palm with After Effects and Mocha.

This is the movie trick that can be used with creativity in incredible ways. We now show you one hand, but you can use it on almost any surface, face, abdomen, and of course not just people but objects as well.

Gear & Tech

Sigma Releases Wide and Tight Primes

Sigma has released two new lenses on either side of the field of view, adding a 14- and 135-mm primes to their full frame prime lineup. Shipping end of July.

Sony a9 Answering some of the deeper questions

Dave Dugdale answers some of the questions he has on the Sony a9.

Firmware update for Sony FS5 pulled

As reported by Cinema5d Sony has pulled it’s 4.0 update for the FS5 from the website citing a problem with the HDR functionality. A 4.0.1 update is in the works to address the problem.


Nine Free LUTS by

Some great free LUTS by, check them out!

Old Film Toolkit by MotionArray

MotionArray has some super cool old film overlays like scratches, dust, lines and others in their Old Film Toolkit, check it out!

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