Filmmaker.weekly Issue #3

July 23rd, 2017 – Rik Roukens (view this newsletter online)

Welcome to filmmaker.weekly issue #3 for Sunday, July 23rd, 2017.

Issue #3 of filmmaker.weekly is a smaller newsletter than the previous 2, I’m experimenting with different lengths and styles. I’d love to hear your opinion on what you think.

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How saying “you” can double your views

Reseach by and TubeBuddy (a plugin for chrome that you should have installed as a filmmaker) revealed that saying hey in the first five seconds of your video can effectively double your views. That’s something worth considering!

Cinema5d launches Cinema5d essentials.

A great new initiative by Cinema5d to help filmmakers all over the world learn the ropes of filmmaking!

Good Reads & Great to Watch

Timecodes and framerates, why Timecodes still matter in Digital. has yet another great informative blogpost on everything that involves timecodes, which as they explain, are still very very relevent.

Timeline Tuesday Avid Baby Driver.

This is a cool one, editor Paul Machliss, ACE, who cut Baby Driver send Avid a screenshot of the finished timeline, which you can zoom and look through. There is also a video interview about the collaboration between Paul and the director.

Why Avid is #1 in Hollywood.

Suggested by our reader Tom Roosen (Thanks Tom!) This is a great podcast (although a bit old) that explains why Avid is so deeply embedded in Hollywood’s DNA. Even though PPro and even FCPX are on their way up.

Post perspective on Panavision’s Millennium Digital XL camera.

This is a great article by post perspective on panavision’s for lease only camera, with the Red helium sensor but with light irons Color Tech this surely is a beast!

What working on a Hollywood movie set really looks like

A super fun interview with Assistant Director Matthew Webb about life on set. He goes over how to get a job on a movie set, what goes on and how to keep your job. It’s all for his new book abtly named “setlife”


The story of milk

Who thought milk could be so exciting! A great advert shot for frieslandcampina a Dutch milk producer. I like how the video flows along naturally and that it ends up in a field of cows ha!

Mark Pritchard ft. Thom Yorke – Beautiful People

A fantastic music video that was shot beautifully with some very cool yet weird VFX, yet pretty suble and suiting to the music.

BTS IMAX Dunkirk

This is actually a really cool short behind the scenes video on how they guys that shot Dunkirk worked with the large format camera’s and put them in some pretty impossible places.

Guides & Tutorials

Particle Hologram Effect

Justin Odisho released a really cool VFX tutorial for After Effects a while back. Create a particle hologram effect of your images that react to sound! (Thanks for the suggestion Aleeza!)

Export video with multiple audio tracks

Premiumbeat teaches you how to export a video with multiple audio tracks, for example for delivery to broadcasters.

How to improve the sound of speech in Premiere Pro.

Improving the sound of someone speaking in a video can do a lot to make it more pleasant for viewers. shows you how you can easily improve the speech in your videos.

Gear & Tech

$50 camera vs $50.000 camera.

I came across this video from Sam and Niko (digital corridor) and really liked the analogy of what they are testing/explaining. The title is clear clickbait, but they recovered that in the video very well. Also waffletown!

Review Canon 18-80mm Compact Servo Lens

Cinema5d got their hands on a Canon 18-80mm Servo zoom and put it to the test.

Firmware update for Sony FS5.

120fps continues, come to papa!


Big list of free stuff

I found this giant list of free stuff online over at, it has free sound libraries, software, tools and much more. A pretty nice resource!

Free message bubbles template

Rocketstock this week has a sweet free template for download that mimics message bubbles from sms or chat programs. Super cool!

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