filmmaker.weekly issue #2

July 16th, 2017 – Rik Roukens

Welcome to filmmaker.weekly issue #2 for Sunday, July 16th, 2017.

Issue #2 of filmmaker.weekly is brought to you today from a sailing boat in sunny Ibiza, Spain!

The first issue had a hugely positive response which is a great motivational boost. As such I have setup a twitter account @filmmakerweekly. And would love if you can give us a follow and bring this newsletter to more people. It’s also a great resource for seeing links that I find throughout the week that might not make the newsletter but are just as interesting!

Thanks so much & enjoy your Sunday!


Avid Launches Media Composer | First

Avid has finally gone ahead and did something they annouced all the way back in 2015. And for someone who has used Avid in the past (and never really liked it) I think this is a very good step to keep Avid in major post production houses by giving youngsters the option to use avid instead of the previously much cheaper Adobe Premiere. Pro filmmaking Courses

Founded more than 50 years ago as a training ground for young filmmakers is back with some of the film industries best teachers; Philip Bloom, Mark Edward Lewis, Vincent Laforet, Shane Hurlbut ASC, Alex Buono, Adam Epstein, Clay Blackmore, Bob Davis, Stephen Eastwood, & Jerry Ghionis.
All for $299.-

GoPro Karma wins RedDot best of the best award

This week GoPro has received the award for best of the best product in Product design by RedDot awards. While it’s nice for GoPro I’m not sure if it will boost their sales.

Good Reads & Great to Watch

Using Proxies with Premiere Pro

A great article by the guys over at (Which I love!) on the different ways of using proxies with Premiere. Well worth reading and start using those proxies!

Art of the Cut: Despicable Me 3.

Provideocoalition catches up with Despicable Me 3 editor Claire Dodgson for a incredible insightful interview on what it means editing a animation movie and how it differs from being a ‘normal’ editor.

Workflow Panel with crew from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Watch this very interesting panel of filmmakers behind Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, as they describe a new level of professional collaboration using Final Cut Pro X hosted by LightIon.

Inception Hallway Dream Fight – Art of the Scene

This video is to good to pass by, go behind the scenes on how one of the most iconic scenes of inception was created. The amount of work they have put in is staggering!

#freeflyers Interview with Motion State by Freeflysystems

I really enjoyed reading this super layed back but informative interview with the guys from Motion State. There are also super cool behind the scenes pictures of all the equipment they are using.


STAB – The Dock

The incredible guys over at STAB have made this insanely cool video of a dock right in the break of surf enabling surfer bro’s to run into the surf.(Spotlight) [submit your own!]

DGTL presents MODULAR Official aftermovie DGTL Amsterdam 2017

A fantastic aftermovie which captures creative storytelling and beautiful atmospheric images from MODULAR festival and is able to beautifully combine the two.

Nothing beside Remains

A graduation project by Bob Thissen which is captured in fantastic stop motion.

Guides & Tutorials

Under 5 mintues

Best GoPro Settings

learn what settings are the best to capture your GoPro footage, all in under 3 minutes!

8 video production slate tricks

Just over 5 minutes but if you are a regular at slating or are about to do you first job with a slate, these tips can help out a lot!

A tad bit longer

Film Lighting Basic Shapes.

The guys over at zacuto have released a fantastic article on all the different lighting shapes and sizes. If you are still learning lighting, check this out.

Khan Academy Pixar

While this has been around for a long time, It recently resurfaced on one of my timelines. It’s a great resource for anybody wanting to learn the art of filmmaking and animation.

The science of deep focus and the hyperfocal distance.

Another great explanation video by filmmakerIQ, taking you into the world of deep focus and hyperfocal distance.

Gear & Tech

Canon EOS M5 the perfect midrange?

The Canon EOS M5 has been out for a while now and fenchel-Janisch argues that it is the best midrange camera available now. Check out their review.

Philip Bloom reviews the Canon C200

When Philip Bloom does a video review, and he hasn’t done one for a long time, you most likely will want to listen. This time he takes the Canon C200 to the test.

Nikon releases updated 70-300 telephoto lens.

Nikon has just announced that they have updated the 70-300 telephoto, but who shoots video on a Nikon anyways right 😉 (Kidding!)

Less Pain Software releases Kyno.

Less Pain Software has released Kyno, a new media management/ingesting software for datawranglers and DITs.
They say it solves many of the issues DITs run into daily, have a look!


Big list of free stuff

I found this giant list of free stuff online over at, it has free sound libraries, software, tools and much more. A pretty nice resource!

Animated Text by Rocketstock

Ofcourse rocketstock is back this week with a fantastic animated text template for AE. You might not have a use for this particular effect, but it serves as a great base to experiment with your own ideas.

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