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September 24th, 2017 – Rik Roukens (view this newsletter online)

Welcome to filmmaker.weekly issue #12 for Sunday, Sep 24th, 2017.

IBC in the house! A lot of exciting new stuff!

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Masterclass by Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese drew his first storyboard when he was eight. Today he’s a legendary director whose films—from Mean Streets to The Wolf of Wall Street—have shaped movie history. In his first-ever online class, the Oscar winner teaches his approach to filmmaking, from storytelling to editing to working with actors. He deconstructs films and breaks down his craft, changing how you make—and watch—movies.


Good Reads & Great to Watch

DJI – Inspire 2 – Cinematic Possibilities

DJI is clearly trying to make the Inspire 2 more appealing to professionals with their new series called Cinematic Possibilities. Showing off what the DJI Inspire 2 is capable off along with a behind the scenes on how it was made.

Flight of the year – Freestyle Drone

Although this technically is not really filmmaker related news, except for the camera on top of the drone, this is a video you’ll want to watch. Freestyle drones have been used for filmmaking by the likes of GoPro for example. Of course, it goes without saying you should never do this on a live train. But that goes without saying.

The challenges of dialogue and ice in Game of Thrones ‘Beyond the Wall’

Fire-breathing dragons and hordes of battle-ready White Walkers are big attention grabbers on HBO’s Game of Thrones, but they’re not the sole draw for audiences. The stunning visual effects and sound design are just the gravy on the meat and potatoes of a story that has audiences asking for more.

A beginners guide to curves for Color Correction

Color correction can be an intensive and time-consuming process. Even the idea of color correcting video footage will send many editors running for the hills. However, in the do-it-yourself age of preditors (producer/editors) and the jack-of-all-trades, knowing a few color correction tricks can really serve you well. And if you’re going to learn how to use one color correction tool, curves is an excellent choice.

Filming Beautiful Jet Choreographies with Yannick Barthe – Talent Feature

Yannick Barthe is a swiss aerial cameraman and aviation filmmaker. Since 2006 he has been travelling Switzerland and abroad to film everything from gliders to Frecce Tricolori. Read the interview Cinema5D did with him on his very exciting work!

Automatica Music Video Behind the Scenes

You might have seen the fantastic music video Automatica by Nigel Stanford. (if not, check it out in the inspiration section of this newsletter!) Learn how it was done by this great write-up of director Shahir Daud.


Automatica by Nigel Stanford

Not the first, but still a beautifully executed music video by Nigel Stanford and director Shahir Daud using robotic arms to play the music.

30 days at sea

A time-lapse that takes us through an epic journey while being 30 days at sea. It’s the kind of view you normally do not get to see and therefore it is actually quite special. This is pretty much how 95% of the stuff you own travels from its origin to your home. And he also is very open to what he uses to capture it!

Balance by Mark Ram

Friends Henderson and Morris are climbing a mountain, connected by a rope. They take an easy passage, but a loss of oversight leads to Henderson’s fall. Morris cannot prevent falling too. Seconds later he finds himself hanging above an abyss, realizing the balance is unstable.

Guides & Tutorials

Beginner Editing Tips to Avoid

They are simple but effective! 5 quick tips on what not to do when you start out as an editor.

Basic Camera Filtration to Elevate your Cinematography

With a wide variety of available filtration options, choosing the right tool to enhance your story can be challenging. PremiumBeat is going to walk you through the three most common types of filtration that you may come across. Each type of filtration is an essential filmmaking tool, with a unique purpose, to help you tell your story effectively.

DJI SPARK Cinematic Color Grading Tutorial FCPX

Here is your basic guide to creating a cinematic look using FCPX & Color Finale when grading DJI SPARK FOOTAGE

5 easy editing hacks gives us what he calls 5 easy editing hacks that will make your editing even better! Keyframing, camera movement, and more.

Final Cut Pro X: Full Beginner Class Tutorial

Ben Halsall takes you through everything there is to learn for a beginner editor in Final Cut Pro X. From Importing footage to Editing your first video and Exporting it the right way. This is gold for beginners wanting to get up to speed with FCPX!


Create Animated popups in Premiere Pro gives us what he calls 5 easy editing hacks that will make your editing even better! Keyframing, camera movement, and more.

Gear & Tech

Tamron unveils a 100-400mm f/4.5-6.3 Lens for filmmakers

Tamron will be launching a 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3 Di VC USD (Model A035) ultra-telephoto zoom lens at the end of 2017 for full-frame DSLR cameras with Nikon or Canon mounts. The digitally integrated zoom will feature three low-dispersion lens elements to reduce aberration, Tamron’s eBAND coating for anti-reflection performance, vibration compensation (VC) to reduce image blur caused by camera shake, improved autofocus and more.

SmallHD doubles nits on 17″ Production Monitor

It will cost you an extra 200 dollars, but SmallHD has just updated their 17″ production monitor to 900 nits instead of 450 nits. That’s a massive jump in how bright the screen is and basically, makes it into a daylight viewable screen.



40 Free Explosion SFX and VFX Elements

Premiumbeat has bundled 40(!!) completely free professionally recorded and shot sound and video FX for you to use in your next project.


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