filmmaker.weekly Issue #10

September 10th, 2017 – Rik Roukens (view this newsletter online)

Welcome to filmmaker.weekly issue #10 for Sunday, Sep 10th, 2017.

A little later than normal, sorry! With IBC in front of us. We see more and more announcements dropping in. Not as much as last week, but I think we can expect even more next week!

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Flowtech – Sachtler and Vinten rethink the tripod

I quite like this one, Sachtler and Vinten seem to have reinvented the tripod in all it’s glory. This seems to be a really nice new take on generally chunky heavy tripods

Davinci Resolve 14 out of beta

First announced back at NAB, Resolve has been in public beta throughout the summer, with the last several revisions (starting with at least version 6 in August) being exceptionally stable. As revisions have heated up in the last weeks, with versions 8 and 9 coming fast on the heels of each other, it was likely that the stable release would happen soon, especially with IBC coming up, and now here we are.

Sony announces the VENICE CineAlta Full-Frame 35mm 6k Camera

At events in Pinewood Studios UK, and Hollywood, Sony just announced their long-anticipated high-end full frame CineAlta camera – it will be called “Sony VENICE”. And it looks sexyyy! And sadly well out of my budget.

The New Phantom Camera Built for Getting Cinema Shots in Tight Spaces

The Phantom Flex 4K camera was a game changer, but it proved to be massive and heavy, making stabilization and overall accessibility rather difficult. Then last year, introducing the world to the VEO line, Vision Research aimed to create a camera line that matched ARRI and RED for smaller, more compact capabilities. They’ve now announced the arrival of the Phantom VEO 4k-PL.


Good Reads & Great to Watch

Game of Thrones behind the scenes featurette episode 2

Great news for the Game of Thrones lovers among us, yes the season is over, but HBO is running a behind the scenes series on game of thrones for the next six weeks. With more great behind the scenes stuff than we have already seen. Check out a preview to episode 2 right now!

Lone Operator? Make Your Next Purchase a Motorized Slider

If you’re a lone wolf operator, ultimately, you want equipment that will make up for missing crew members, without weighing you down. It was only this year that I got my first motion-controlled slider, and I keep asking myself why I waited so long?

Why Davinci Resolve may be the single most powerful tool in post gives us the full rundown of why Davinci Resolve might be the single most powerful tool in post. And I tend to agree with them. Read the article and give it a spin. You’ll be suprised how far it has come.

The Ultimate Guide to Fair Use and Copyrights for Filmmakers

Another great but very long read by on fair use and copyrights for filmmakers. It is so important for us filmmakers to get ourselves known with these laws and rules.


Existence – a timelapse project

Although a it older now, this is still a great inspirational video on the beauty of our world. One we need to save.


This is a short film showing the incredible light and landscape of some of the Scottish mountains and lochs.

“Driving around Scotland in a van is an experience that surpassed expectations, even though they were high to begin with.
The reason for the trip was a location recce for an upcoming short film project, it’s safe to say we found some stunning locations.
We had only 6 days. It just wasn’t enough. There is so much to see and I just wanted to stop and take it all in.”

Guides & Tutorials

5 ways to monitor audio on cameras that don’t have a headphone jack

More and more cameras nowadays have a headphone jack for audio monitoring (thank god!) but a lot of beginner filmmakers still work with DSLRs that don’t have them, these tip are great for when you want that audio monitoring.

EASY 3-Panel Montage Motion Graphics- Adobe After Effects tutorial

A easy and very nice after effect motion graphic that’s great for beginners to learn and get better with After Effects.

Epic TRANSITION to make your videos BETTER! Premiere Pro Tutorial

They are super cool, everybody uses it, but I still love them! This is a great tutorial to learn all the whipe madness.

Create a Freeze Frame Title Sequence for Show Openers

Whether you are working on a small project that requires a few cool freeze frames or if you want to emphasize your characters during a promo video, creating freeze frames offers you a lot of room for creativity. Check out how to create them!

Gear & Tech

CAME-TVs Prophet 4 in 1 gimbal

I’m getting a bit tired of gimbals by now as they are overused and most video’s using them generally lack story (not all of them ofcourse), but CAME-TVs new Prophet gimbal is now ready for pre-order should you want another gimbal for your arsenal!


Space Wipes!

Wipes inspired by Star Wars

16 Free Transitions for After Effects

Give your footage a fun, clean look with these 16 free transitions for After Effects

10 Free Glitch Sound Effects for Video Projects

10 free glitch sound effects!

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