filmmaker.weekly issue #1

July 9th, 2017 – Rik Roukens

Welcome to filmmaker.weekly issue #1 for Sunday, July 9th, 2017.

Issue #1 for filmmaker.weekly signifies the start of what will hopefully become a valueable yet relaxing to read resource for every filmmaker out there. With articles that cover the broughter spectrum of filmmaking curated by me

Before I forget, if you have any suggestions, questions or something you want to say, just reply to this email or hit me up on @rroukens. Feedback is much appreciated

So, enjoy your Sunday and let’s get started!


Off the track movie

A crowdfunding project that’s already double funded for a documentery about Final Cut X, featuring a lot of prominent people from the industry. I’m quite intregued by the trailer and since I’ve been one of the guys that hated FCX when it first came out, I think this documentery might just change my mind.

YouTube announces 180 VR

Youtube has annouced it is rolling out 180 vr, Which I think is a really good step. I’ve only ever watch backwards in a VR video for 10 seconds and the rest always in the front 180 degrees.

Drones might require remote id system in near future

PetaPixel reports that camera drones might soon require a remote id system following a update release by FAA’s “Drone ID Aviation Rulemaking Committee”.

Canon C300 drops price to 10k.

The Canon C300 Mark II price has dropped by another $2,000, which brings it to the under-$10K price bracket. This is great news for prospective buyers, but not so great for those who purchased the camera at full-price.

Good Reads & Great to Watch

DIY Foley and Field Recording

A nice article on what foley is, how you can make it and how to use it properly. Includes a very informative video where you can see all the crazy stuff they use to create sounds.

Art of the title: GLOW

A great discussion on the creation and work that went into making the title sequence of GLOW. I found it really insightful and fun to read.

In the age of streaming TV, who needs title sequences?

Been binge watching House of Cards? Chances are you’ve only seen the title sequence a handful of times, @lancerichardson questions if they are still needed in this day and age.

Split! – Does it take a village to make a movie?

A great article by Queen of the South DP John Brawley on the history of the video split on set, how to behave in a video village and what his video split setup looks like when he’s shooting.

Deconstructing Feature Films: Hiding the Cut in a “Oner”

With over 21 feature film under his belt Shane Hurlbut, ASC is someone to listen to. Dive into his movies and understand how he has done certain shots and cuts.


Cible – Short Film [18+ graphical fightscene]

A shortfilm by Danny Leysner Cible tells the story of a prolific underworld enforcer who has left the ‘game’ in pursuit of love and a new life. This reality is shattered by a brutal execution of the enforcer and his girlfriend by his former employer. Our protagonist miraculously survives a bullet in the brain, but not without lasting damage; he is psychologically haunted by the trauma he suffered yet is unable to feel physical pain..a lethal cocktail for a man with nothing left to live for other than vengeance. (Spotlight) [submit your own!]

Slackers by @SteptStudios

A fantastic mini documentery about slacklining and how a group comes together every year to push the envelope of their sport.

Where Do Ideas Come From?

A shortfilm about the mysteries of inspiration by @andrewtnorton

Winner of Shotover G1 Giveaway: Stephen McGee BTS

A nice piece shot by non other than Ty Evans of Shotover G1 giveaway winner Stephen McGee. They follow him while he gets trained by JP de Lespinois shotovers inhouse technician.

Memento Mori by Sebastian Linda

Pretty much everybody knows Sebastian and his great talent of capturing a story. 11 months ago he released Memento Mori and it’s worth watching it again on your lazy Sunday.

Guides & Tutorials

Under 5 mintues

Beginner: After Effects Alpha & Luma Matte Tutorial | Motion Array

learn how to use both Luma Mattes and Alpha Mattes inside of After Effects in under 3 minutes! It’s dead simple and super useful!

Beginner: A introduction to ND filters

This super brief video will introduce you to ND filters in under 2 minutes, ND filters are super useful and important, You’ll be a better shooter when using them!

A tad bit longer

Intermediate: Pancake timeline editing.

I’ve been using the pancake timeline editting technique for quite a few years now and recommend it to everybody who’s skill level is above beginner. This brief introduction sets you up to be editting with a pancake timeline within minutes!

How to make sound reverb out.

When I came across this I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before, so simple yet so effective, It’s way nicer than the standard fadeout that never really fits! It makes for a real impactful ending of your video.

10 video editing hacks you should be using.

This one really surprised me, there are some solid tips in here that I had never thought of to use.

Gear & Tech

DJI Ronin 2 Announced

With a pricetag of $6999.- and a max carrying weight of 30 pounds the DJI Ronin 2 seems to be packing a pretty good punch! Although I can’t imagine how heavy it will be with a full load.

RED announces futuristic smartphone.

Jared Lang, CEO of RED Digital has annouched the RED HYDROGEN ONE a new smartphone to be released in early 2018 with holographic capabilities without the need of glasses.
That sounds pretty bad ass!

Panasonic EVA1 vs Canon C200 – Which is better for filmmakers?

Noam Kroll takes us through all the ins and outs of the EVA1 and C200 and discusses which one he thinks is better for us filmmakers.

Lockcircle PRO M.95 System Converts ZEISS Otus Lenses to 95mm Cinema Standard

The newly announced Lockcircle PRO M.95 System for Zeiss Otus is designed to convert photography lenses to a cinema-standard 95mm front diameter for accessory use.

Canon C200 Review by Philip Bloom

Hot of the press Philip Bloom has just released his take on the Canon C200!


16 Free 4K Volumetric Light and Dust Overlays

This week we’ve got some very sexy looking 4k light overlays from rocketstock! You’ll want to download these!

Action Wipe Transitions

Dutch filmmaker Chung Dha has another sexy freebie for us which is accompanied by a tutorial on how to make it yourself as well! Check it out.

35 Free LUTs for Color Grading Videos

Another amazing freebie from the guys over at Rocketstock, they are giving us 35 sweet LUTS for color grading.

Inspiring Piano Documentary by AquariusV | AudioJungle

Audiojungle has a “inspiring Piano” freebie for us, great for underneath some sexy shots don’t you think?

Glitch Movie Titles

This one is coming from videohive, a very cool glitch effect for your title sequences free of charge!

Posthaste – Organise your projects with ease!

I came across this tool the other day and can’t believe how easy and free it is! It allows you to create (or use default) templates that take care of all your folder creating nightmares when starting a project.

Thanks for being part part of the very first filmmaker.weekly! I’m really excited to be starting this project and so I am very much looking for feedback, so let me know what you think of this first Issue! Simply reply to this email and let me know!

See you next week!